4 Things to Consider When Assessing Lab Casework Manufacturers
May 17, 2019 | Lab Casework

4 Things to Consider When Assessing Lab Casework Manufacturers

Your research company is considering building a new lab across town, so you turn to Google search to find a manufacturer who can provide your lab casework. As you begin your search, you realize that there are numerous laboratory casework manufacturers to pick from. Therefore, how do you know which is the best manufacturer to purchase from?

Consider the following before making your choice:

Quality of Product

For most research companies, furnishing their laboratory is a long-term investment. Generally, lab casework, lab workbench, countertops, fume hood, and other equipment must last for more than 15 years.

The only way to receive this long lifespan is to purchase quality furniture products, especially when it is located in a high-use area.

How can you ensure that your manufacturer is offering quality made products?

First, it is significant to ask the lab manufacturer about the standards they are implementing. For example, in term of metal lab casework – paint process, a gauge of steel, type of hinges, and also how it is made. In terms of wood casework – type of hinges, types of wood, and finish.

Second, determine if you are able to view the product onsite at one of their nearby existing customers. This is an excellent way to inspect the quality and to see how well it is holding up. This also provides you with a chance to speak with a customer regarding how they like their product.

Customer Service

Some companies prefer to send their unique specifications directly to the manufacturer for a quote. If your project is straightforward and simple, this works great. It is beneficial to utilize your furniture manufacture as a resource if you are building your lab from the ground up to ensure every detail is considered in the design process – which lab countertop material to use, cabinetry that fits, what utilizes are required, etc.

Quality manufacturers send a representative to your site if you need assistance. Also, if you need help designing your lab, they have a design staff that will help you. These representatives often think of details you have not considered.


All labs are different. In some cases, a lab requires a solution that mass-produced pieces of lab furniture will not remedy. Quality manufacturers have the technology as well as the ability to create custom products at affordable prices. This includes custom paint colors, custom sizes, unique design features, or special materials.

Before placing your order, it is important to discuss with your manufacturer if they have capabilities to your meet custom requirements.


Most companies are unaware of the importance of asking how the furniture manufacturer ships their products. If the manufacturer is using a trucking company they regularly use or if they use their own truck, more care is usually taken.

Common carriers are frequently used when products are shipped across the country or to a different state. When your entire order is too small to fill an entire truck, products from other companies fill the empty space. In these situations, it is very important that the furniture manufacturer packages product to keep it properly protected on the truck.

Be sure to always ask how the manufacturer how its products are packaged.

It is vital to do your research prior to selecting the lab casework manufacturer for your next project. To learn more about things to consider contact us today.