A Quality Laboratory Furniture Supplier Could Save You Future Costs
February 13, 2020 | Laboratory Furniture

A Quality Laboratory Furniture Supplier Could Save You Future Costs

Running a lab is difficult. Running a lab without the proper equipment is even more difficult. When setting up a lab, it’s important to think about the equipment you invest in. Investing in the right lab furniture allows you to handle any task with ease and comfort. Having quality lab furniture can be the difference between a breakthrough and a disaster. Investing in specialized lab gear can also increase productivity and safety. Catalina Laboratory Products have listed some crucial elements to look for when looking for a reliable lab furniture supplier.

What Makes a Reliable Lab Furniture Supplier?

As a person looking for lab furniture, you’re probably looking for quality furniture and equipment first and foremost. But, how do you know the difference between furniture that’s built to last and furniture that’ll break down after a few uses? There’s a lot of lab furniture manufacturers to choose from after all. However, there’s no need to worry.

The first thing you need to make sure of when looking for lab furniture is whether or not the manufacturer puts quality above all else. Quality lab furniture can make or break a project. Quality lab furniture always focuses on building materials first. Look for furniture that is welded—not glued, stapled or nailed. Welded furniture means you’re getting a piece of furniture that is made of durable metal rather than materials like particle board and laminated surfaces. Metal can take a lot more abuse than these materials so your furniture will last through multiple projects. Metal furniture, in turn, is a better area to spend more on because it’ll save you costs in the future.

Next, you’ll want to look for lab furniture suppliers that have ADA compliant lab furniture. Not everyone in your lab will be able to work efficiently and effectively without furniture that can support their needs. Many manufacturers forget that some people may need more accessible furniture to get the job done. Manufactures carrying ADA compliant furniture are more likely to have an eye for detail. This attention to detail means you’ll get better quality furniture and be able to meet the needs of everyone in your lab.

Where to Find a Well-built and ADA Compliant Furniture

Catalina Laboratory Products offers full metal and ADA compliant lab furniture for any project you have. Whether you’re looking to build a lab from scratch or add to your existing furniture, we can help you. We not only provide quality furniture and equipment, but also believe in getting your furniture to you quickly at a reasonable cost. Come visit us or contact us if you’re interested in getting quality lab furniture.