A Short Handbook to Purchasing Lab Furniture
May 31, 2019 | Laboratory Furniture

A Short Handbook to Purchasing Lab Furniture

High-quality lab furniture is necessary for an efficient workspace. It is imperative to ensure that this furniture is constructed with durability and long-lasting inclinations in mind since high-quality lab furniture is a large upfront investment. When searching for quality laboratory furniture, you always want to choose a furniture manufacturer who is known for creating quality equipment and who also places quality materials and quality craftsmanship as a priority.

Not only will investing in skillful lab furniture manufacturers with an excellent reputation ensure the longevity of the laboratory furniture but your bank account will thank you too. A reputable manufacturer employs well-established processes for manufacturing premium products and uses only materials that are of the highest in quality. For that reason, well-known manufacturers add value to your workplace with their quality equipment and innovative designs.

Laboratories in various industries require different types of furniture, that demands that the lab furniture manufacturer is experienced and versatile in manufacturing all forms and style of industrial laboratory accessories and equipment. Some industrial furniture that is in high demand in labs include:

  • Chemical Cabinets
  • General Cabinets
  • Light Tables
  • Cabinets Featuring Drawers
  • Chemical Fume Hoods
  • Clean Air Laminar Flow Hoods
  • Laboratory Workstations
  • Carts

Selecting the right furniture manufacture as well as furniture comprises considering different factors that influence the performance and functionality of the lab furniture. Consider the following points to lead you through the buying process of your next high-quality laboratory furniture:

Comfort in the Workplace

Furniture for labs is more advanced than the traditional ones. These pieces feature several attributes that enable comfort and easy functionality. For ease of use, many pieces feature height-adjustability. Some workbenches and cabinets are manufactured to support demanding and heavier loads. Cabinets used in the lab should have the capability of storing items to prevent contamination and keep them safe. Furniture used in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories should prevent overflows and spills. The furniture should be made in a way that enhances overall productivity and promotes comfort in the workplace.

Manufacturing Materials

The quality and functionality of the furniture are affected by the material used to create the pieces as well as the design of the construction. Good-quality stainless steel and wood are popular choices of manufacturing materials for various pieces of lab furniture. Metal is a common manufacturing material used for the equipment used in chemical or pharmaceutical laboratories. Likewise, for highly acidic environments, manufacturers use Polypropylene to make the furniture.

High-Durability of Lab Furniture

Laboratory and industrial furniture are typically durable, meaning they have a very long lifespan. This, however, is dependent upon the creation of the furniture as well as the quality of material that was used. Laboratory furniture demands that it be constructed in such a way that they can withstand the toughest of working conditions and last longer in the experimental environment of the industrial space. Also, these types of furniture must have the ability to withstand the fluctuations in temperature and significant exposure to harsh chemicals.

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