Creating a Smart Work Bench
February 28, 2019 | Lab Workbench

Creating a Smart Work Bench

It has often been said that a messy work bench is a clear sign that a scientist is at work. While this is a true statement, it is more beneficial to learn how to have a smart work bench, one that is organized and laid out properly. The work day will be more enjoyable and less prone to errors, as you will have an organized area in which to complete your daily tasks. It takes time and energy, but once you figure out how to create a work bench that functions smartly, you will find the day runs smoother than ever before!

Starting Tips

To begin, it is important to set up your work bench in the right manner. This will include keeping the tools on the side of the bench where your dominant hand rests. This creates easy access. So, if you are left-handed, choose the left side for your tools.

Add a trash bin to this area of your work space so you can easily throw away items when done. From paperwork to other items, having a small bin nearby cuts down on trash clutter as you can throw items away as soon as you don’t need them anymore.

In the work area, place any common solutions you need on the opposite side of the bench of your dominant hand. This places the materials nearby but not in the way. Solutions that you do not use frequently or devices can be placed on shelves or nearby.

When using a notebook or computer for notes, keep it as far from the area as possible. You do not want to spill anything that would damage your hard work! Have scissors on hand as well as labeling tape and other materials so you can easily label your items. Such organization is beneficial to the day to day operations of your lab.

These are just a few tips to get you started with a smart work bench. Contact us today to learn more about quality products to better organize your lab space.