Durability, Versatility, Safety, and Unities: Maintaining Effective Laboratory Workstations
June 14, 2019 | Lab Workstation

Durability, Versatility, Safety, and Unities: Maintaining Effective Laboratory Workstations

Maintaining effective laboratory workstations is vital to not only person convenience but efficiency as well. Through the years, lab furniture manufacturers have fine-tuned designs to increase ergonomic comfort. Understanding the various options available, allows one to create a workspace that meets professional and individual needs.

There are four positive features that can change the laboratory working environment: durability, versatility, utilities, safety. The mixture of these components can help create the ideal system.


One excellent way to increase laboratory workstation durability is by using good lab workbenches. These workbenches should be resistant to typical chemicals that are commonly found in labs since it is not unusual for potentially harmful substances or gases to spill or leak.


Installing a strong fume hood is an effective way to make a laboratory workstation more versatile. Fume hoods are vital for ensuring labs contain breathable, fresh air. Additionally, they also help in venting out potentially toxic fumes that can be damaging to human health.


Safety in the workplace, including any lab workstations or tables, cannot be exaggerated. Some valuable variables to consider would be the number of laboratory technicians working at the same time, the overall design of the room, and space for circulation.

Some items to increase safety include:

  • Face masks
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection goggles
  • Robes


Laboratory workstations and workbenches can benefit extensively from numerous utilities.  These tools for completing standard operating processes allow for increased levels of effectiveness. Moreover, they can aid lab technicians in meeting government and/or industry regulations and standards.

Some of these beneficial utilities include glassware like fluid containers, beakers, and Petri dishes. Furthermore, sinks are also essential, especially if they are available in an assortment of sizes. In some cases, having abnormally deep sinks can be helpful when cleaning or large objects is required for certain tasks.

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