Fume Hood vs Flow Hood
August 28, 2019 | Fume Hoods

Fume Hood vs Flow Hood

In a laboratory setting, there are elements that require a safe work environment. Infected cultures, hazardous gases, and vapors and fumes all require certain equipment in order to keep the environment safe and stable. In the laboratory, elements including a fume hood and flow hood are helpful in preventing employees from being exposed to harmful substances. Learning more about the differences between a laboratory fume hood and a flow hood is essential in creating a quality workspace.

What is a Fume Hood?

A fume hood is a ventilated enclosure that allows employees to complete hazardous work in a space that is partially enclosed. This unit is used to protect from toxic fumes as the vapors are exhausted from the workspace. Proper ventilation is key with lab fume hoods to ensure the air in the lab is circulated and not contaminating the area. If spills occur, they are contained within the fume hood.

What is a Flow Hood?

With a flow hood, you have an enclosed bench that was created to provide a sterile work area and avoid contamination. Air is moved through the flow hood via a particulate air filter. The fresh air helps to avoid any contaminants with the project.

Protection Elements

With a flow hood and fume hood, each piece of equipment provides a level of protection in the lab. With a fume hood, the individual using the equipment is protected from toxic substances used in the hood. The toxins are moved away from the work area and then released into the environment via an exhaust system so that the employee is not affected.

With a flow hood, personnel are protected from contamination and the substance being studied is also protected. The unit also uses HEPA filters, so that there is a level of environmental protection.

Furnishing Your Laboratory

When adding equipment to your laboratory, you will want to determine if a flow hood or fume hood will work best for your projects. Fume hoods for sale come in a variety of sizes and include features that will be of use to you during assignments.

It is essential to find lab fume hoods for sale or flow hoods that will serve a purpose in your lab. Employees will be protected and have access to the features needed to complete work in a safe manner. Be sure that the lab has adequate hood types for the work required and that every employee knows how to use the equipment to ensure a safe and secure workspace.

Contact us today to learn more about various hood types and how you can add equipment to your laboratory that will be both helpful and provide an element of safety.