Laboratory Casework and Cabinets for the Modern Laboratory
October 17, 2019 | Lab Cabinets, Lab Casework

Laboratory Casework and Cabinets for the Modern Laboratory

When you envision a Laboratory, are you like most people and think of something similar to what you experienced in high school? Several rows of laboratory tables covered in beakers, test tubes, microscopes, and perhaps a few Bunsen burners. In reality, however, due to the arrival of technology, modern labs of today’s establishments resemble office spaces. Today’s labs come complete with computers, high-grade furniture, and secure storage.

Laboratory casework is an important aspect of the modern laboratory. This should not be taken too lightly. Whether you are operating a clinical lab, a data analytic lab, or a production lab, your investment in quality lab casework will have an impact on the efficiency and success of your laboratory.

The following are some of the most significant features of laboratory casework:

Secure Cabinets

When working in proximity to corrosive or hazardous materials or in industrial conditions, the security and strength of your cabinetry are essential for protecting your lab equipment. That is why it is vital to only invest in lab cabinets constructed from rigid 18g steel.

Obtaining laboratory cabinets from United States manufacturers is also the best practices to protect against bad quality. Prior to going to market, United States laboratory equipment must reach demanding standards.

There may be certain cabinets that wish to keep secure with locking apparatuses. Also, the organization of your lab cabinets Arizona can add to a more productive work environment. While your home cabinets may be roomy, lab casework with several drawers and shelves make it simpler to store, organize, and locate essential lab equipment.

Sturdy Design

Lab casework must stand the test of time. Your casework must be durable in the face of lab accidents. Furthermore, to keep delivering on your investment, it must withstand daily use. While materials such as laminate and wood can be durable, there’s nothing more suitable for a modern lab than stainless steel.

Stainless steel is easy to maintain, lasts longer than any other material, and requires little to no repair work. Moreover, for today’s customizable and flexible laboratories, stainless steel is the most compatible material.

Unlike wood, composite stone, and other materials, cabinets and casework built with stainless steel can be modified and customized easily. Stainless steel cabinets and casework are heavy enough to be reliable and durable, yet light enough to move if needed.

Customizable Casework

Customizable laboratory casework allows you to construct a laboratory that fits your exact needs.

For instance, you may consider utilizing deep laboratory cabinets. This way, you can run utilities such as power, water, and gas behind them. Another customization may include having the exact specification for draw sizes. Also, other features you may need include refrigeration units, sinks, fume extraction systems, and fume hoods.

You can incorporate all these components into your laboratory easily.

When choosing lab casework, search for the best materials available on the market.

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