What is a Fireproof Laboratory Cabinet?
April 11, 2019 | Lab Cabinets, Metal Lab Cabinets

What is a Fireproof Laboratory Cabinet?

If you are designing a new laboratory space, there are numerous decisions you must make in regard to design, furniture, and function, such as new laboratory cabinets and countertops. Information about fireproof lab cabinets will likely come up during your design research. If you are unsure if your lab needs this type of cabinetry and to learn more about fireproof laboratory cabinets keep reading.

What is a fireproof cabinet?

A fireproof cabinet is a cabinet constructed with materials that can withstand fire and heat, usually steel or stainless steel and not the same as metal lab cabinets. The materials inside of these cabinets are protected from the effects of the fire. For some purposes, fireproof lab cabinets are a requirement of specific building and lab safety codes.

When is a fireproof cabinet necessary?

Fireproof laboratory cabinets are required for storing explosives, hazardous materials, combustibles, corrosives, aerosols, pesticides, flammables, as well as other substances or chemicals that may exacerbate, cause, or become dangerous during a fire. There are specific guidelines that must be followed on flammable liquids and can be found on the OSHA website.

Fireproof lab cabinets can also be helpful for protecting important documents, proprietary formulas, and other important items, keeping them protected from fire should the unexpected occur in your laboratory.

What is the cost associated with fireproof laboratory cabinets?

The cost highly depends on the size, construction, as well as the features of the cabinet, like locking capabilities and warning labels. Moreover, your space and design is also a factor in the cost if you purchase custom cabinetry. Another important factor to consider is how many lab cabinets your lab will require. It is important to learn OSHA regulation, as to have at least the minimum number of fireproof cabinets in your lab.

If you have any questions about fireproof laboratory cabinets or need help determining if you are required to have them in your lab, contact us today.