What Type of Fume Hood Does Your Lab Need?
October 31, 2019 | Fume Hoods

What Type of Fume Hood Does Your Lab Need?

If you work in a laboratory environment, it is not only crucial to have a functioning laboratory fume hood and a worker that understands how to work it, it is also vital to have the correct one for your intended use to ensure the safety of everyone in the laboratory. However, there are several options available, making it tough to determine which one is ideal for your lab. CATLABPRO is here to help make the process of selecting the right fume hood much simpler.

Purpose of Fume Hoods

To put it simply, lab fume hoods allow chemists and scientists to work with potentially harmful substances without the worry of inhalation or accidental exposure. Inhalation of gas due to a chemical reaction can result in serious problems. Without a fume hood and proper ventilation, those working in a lab environment can redirect gases, vapors, and fumes produced by the substances they work with.

Correct Fume Hood Usage

To ensure that you are utilizing your lab fume hood to the top of its ability, consider the following:

When doing an experiment or boiling materials where splashing might occur, be sure to use a shield to protect themselves.

Perform all of their laboratory duties concerning hazardous or volatile materials under the lab fume hood.

Ensure that the lab fume hood is free of any damage and is working properly before use.

Hazardous material must remain 15 centimeters or more from the main opening of the laboratory fume hood.

Electrical devices must remain outside of the fume hood.

Fume Hoods for Certain Substances

Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods – Corrosive and explosive materials like perchloric acid need special consideration. For constant cleaning, this fume hood includes a wash down spray bar. It also has a full view sash and stainless steel construction.

Radio Isotope Fume Hoods – This laboratory fume hood may be right for you if you work with radioactive materials. The Radio Isotope Fume Hood is designed to make cleaning easier by reducing radioactive buildup. This fume hood surface and lining are also stainless steel.

Economy Fume Hoods

Add Air Fume Hoods – The Add Air Fume Hood includes a front mount that can provide up to 70 percent of the total hood air volume needed from an outside source.

High-Performance Lab Fume Hoods – While still providing quality and safety, these fume hoods cut energy costs in half. To provide exceptional energy-saving capabilities, the design of the High-Performance Fume Hood reduces the size of the HVAC equipment and reduces the volume of air that needs to be exhausted and conditioned.

Large Fume Hoods

Demonstration Fume Hoods – This fume hood is ideal for the teaching environment. The Demonstration Fume Hood includes an end window and a sash on two sides for clear viewing of the interior.

Walk-In Fume Hoods – This laboratory fume hood is available in the Walk-In Design or the Low Bench Design. It includes sashes that reach the ground. Walk-In Fume Hood is available in widths of up to 96 inches. There are also additional special sizes available as well.

To learn more about what type of fume hood your lab needs, contact one of our specialists today.